Because no good story ever started with a salad…

As those of you close to me know by now. Not one, but two people I hold close to my heart are battling with that dreaded word.


Out of respect for privacy she will be called Burt, and he will be called Ernie.

Being 800 miles from home, my ability to support Burt & Ernie lies only at the end of the phone while others in the UK have had to hold the responsibility of helping by driving the 3 hours to the Christies hospital to enable them to see their significant other. Because the journey is draining enough without the fact that Burt is still recovering from Chemotherapy, and still having treatment!

Ever since this started nearly a year ago, I have wanted to do something to show my support for Burt, Ernie and those helping them, and have an outlet for my angst at not being there for them in the way I would like.

So one night in the pub… I decided my entry for the Etape du Tour in 2018 would be that way.

I’ve set a target of £5,000, but £1 for every mile cycled during training would be ideal (hopefully it will be more than 5000 otherwise it’s really going to hurt!).

I have chosen Christies because one hospital told Ernie that he was terminal. That was the way it was going to be because of him having two primary cancers.

Whereas after one appointment Christies immediately started looking for a cure. The support network for significant others is amazing. Burt can stay with Ernie, they can have walks, go shopping at M&S, all whilst being across from the Laboratories where cancer becomes better understood.

Maybe even cured…

Please help other people affected by Cancer by donating to Christies here on my just giving page. 

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