Down time…

So, over the past few weeks, through a desire to get a bit fitter, improve technique and the weather being thoroughly shite we decided to head back to the climbing gym.

Ironically, yet unsurprisingly due to our location, the indoor climbing wall in Les Houches is rather small.  So when the weather turns, every guided group, local climber and, in the summer holidays children, descend on the wall with hopes of escaping the summer storms outside.

This leaves little room to choose your route freely, getting frustrated at people hogging sections and watching families belay terribly.

Over the past few weeks, I have slowly but surely been getting closer to my best previous climbing grade. Now climbing (somewhat) comfortably at 6a/+, confidence and stoke for climbing has returned. Woohoo!

I also had a cheeky weekend break back to the UK for the wedding of my big brother.

Upon returning, the full force of a weekend celebrating with family, various strenuous escapades and near on 6 weeks of early mornings for breakfast service took its toll. Lacking any energy and feeling exhausted come 9am, I figured I deserved some down time.

The weather had picked up a bit, but with my climbing partner chomping at the bit we headed back to the gym anyway, quieter this time, and the exhaustion passed for a few hours whilst we climbed. Afterwards, I would spend my time reading books in an entire day and catching up on Game of Thrones (3 seasons in two weeks!).

Sat inside on glorious days watching TV and reading left me feeling a wee bit guilty. Upon pondering my situation, the feeling passed.

I have a small yet painful ligament issue in one finger (the only health issue ever recorded that I have googled which doesn’t seem to result in death, god bless the internet) and still being exhausted, I came to realise that sometimes chilling out and resetting isn’t such a bad thing.

Those who have known me a while will confirm, that sitting still for an extended period is my kryptonite. I have always had to feel like I am moving forward, accomplishing something, reaching a goal. After I realised that replenishing energy stores and being relaxed, is a damn good goal to have because once you bounce back, the adventures you have, will be even more epic.

Speaking of adventures…..

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